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Canon EOS Rebel 300D 6.3mp SLR Camera Overview/Review

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Edward Kerrigan : I have only recently moved in to digital photography, switching from my film SLR. I have been using a bridge camera, but I recently bought a 300D body specifically to make use of three redundant lenses from my SLR. They are M42 mount lenses but adapters are readily available and they work very well. Being manual, non-electronic lenses they suit AV mode - the shutter speed adjusts to your aperture - and the experience is like using a film camera with the benefit of the image being immediately available. I have not used it a great deal yet, but the lenses are pretty good and so far I have been very pleased with the results. I will probably buy a Canon kit lens in the future so that I can make full use of the camera's capabilities, limited as they no doubt are compared to today's offerings. With regard to those limitations I take solace in the fact that I keep hearing that "it's not the camera which is important, but the person behind it" - that's my excuse for not spending money I haven't got on highly expensive equipment.
rathod sachin : How to connect extremely flash light
Kim Daley : it would have been better had he slowed down when explaining and told us what each button was and how to use it. Especially for somebody who is new at using the camera.
Hannah : This was super helpful thank you!
Tom Brown : Is it worth £100 with all the parts and flash included etc? I mainly want to use it for astrophotography and nature photography. Can it be used for filming too or only pics?
capcubing : omg u r a CUBER???????????? I see that cubicle proshop box
Hamid Ahmadzai : Can anyone tell me how to change its capturing time
L white : Thanks!! Good review!!!
Niche Mildi : Great info, just found this for 25$ and added my Canon lens makes a sweet back up camera not that slow!
InvisiMan : I still have mine, and according to Google Photos, I have taken 12,000 photos using it. I stopped using it (regularly) a few years ago, but would love to start using it again! Time to find new batteries for it!

canon eos 300D용 세로그립 BG-E1 구입기

CANON BG-E1 발매된지 17년이 지난 세로그립을 리뷰 합니다.
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계속씨부리던가 : 얼마 정도 하죠? 그립 말고 카메라요
Anaheim Electronics : 오 얼마전에 이 카메라를 공짜로 얻었어요. 좋은 영상 감사합니다!
쏜쏭 : 목소리가 좋으시네요~!

Canon EOS 300D review (first digital Rebel from 2003)

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Twenty_max : Ты русский ?
mazdamx2005nz : Like better than my photos I took on my 1500D
mazdamx2005nz : These photos are actually really good
zizzy : .....Have not laughed so much .....the digital cameras back then and a few years earlier were literally useless compared to the final stages of film
Jan-Martin Ulvåg : I have this camera. I bought it new. I have a Lumix LX100 and when I zoom in on the pictures on the pc, they look much worse than 300D. It is very strange. I also have a 20D that I just bought with a 70-300 mm lens for only 50 euro.
Brian Link : Raw photo's take me 3 sec per photo to clear buffer. Maybe u are using a slower CF Card
Kitkat Pilotos : Can I take videos with this camera?
daisy michelle : I don't have much experience with photography, it's a subject in my studie, but I'm using one now for a school campaign. I like the colors so for but the things which are the most irritating are definitely the time that you have to wait, the duration of the battery & that you can't transfer your photos with a SD card.
Adam Jack Hutchinson : Just got given this as my first dslr and it puts my smartphone camera to shame. Could do with a few more pixels though :)
Jon B : very interesting to see how things have improved over the years. thanks for the reivew




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